Who is Kooyman?
Kooyman is your one-stop-shop for building materials, hardware and home improvement. Whether you’re looking for lumber, fasteners, cement, tools, lighting, modern kitchens, doors, bathrooms, garden utensils, home decoration or window and door frames, we will bring it all conveniently within your reach under one roof in an inspiring shopping environment. 

Where is Kooyman from?
Kooyman originates from the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. It is a 100% Caribbean family-owned company that has been doing business in the region for over almost 80 years. We have 6 stores on Bonaire, Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten.  

Is Kooyman similar to Home Depot? 
People in Barbados may compare Kooyman to Home Depot. That would not a be a fair comparison. Kooyman is much smaller and mainly sells hardware and building materials whereas Home Depot also sells big appliances like washing machines, stoves, carpeting, bedding… Kooyman will not sell these products. Home Depot has over 2,000 stores where Kooyman only has 7, and the average store size of a Home Depot is much larger. 

Will Kooyman import all the products from overseas?
Kooyman offers a wide and balanced combination of products. We source our products from all over the world, with the main focus on the US and Europe. Products that can be sourced locally for a reasonable price, will definitely be purchased locally. 

Why did Kooyman choose Barbados? 
Kooyman chooses Barbados for a few different reasons:

  • We believe Barbados has a good climate for investments. We believe in investing when an economy is at a lower point.
  • Coming from the smaller Dutch Caribbean islands, (Curaçao as our largest market has only 150.000 inhabitants) Barbados is for us a large market. We believe there is space in the market for an additional hardware store.
  • The language in Barbados in English. Since we already have a store on an English speaking island and we do a lot of our business in English, the leap to Barbados shouldn’t be too big.
  • Barbados gets a high rating from Transparency International and has Fair Trade Regulation in place, which means we can do fair and honest business here. Honesty and integrity are core values for Kooyman

Why did Kooyman choose Kendal Hill 
Kendal Hill, Christ Church is a very convenient location.  When we were in the process of purchasing the land at Kendal Hill, we believed Kendal Hill would become a popular shopping hub between Bridgetown and the parish of St. Philip. It is conveniently located on the highway, with a gas station and a supermarket a short distance away. 

How is Kooyman connected to Massy? 
The property was purchased from Massy Properties and Kooyman has a good business relationship with Massy. We purchased the land at Kendal Hill from Massy Properties. They will still be our neighbor at Kendal Hill, because the other two lots in the development belong to them. We will also be offering our customers access to the benefits of Massy Loyalty Card as we become members of the programme. 

How many people will Kooyman employ? 
During construction, Kooyman will employ up to 250 people. When the store is completed, Kooyman will employ between a 100 to 120 people. 

Kooyman aspires to build long term working relationships with their employees. We like to invest in good people and have our own Kooyman Academy, which offers employees training, education and management development programmemes.

Will Kooyman be employing Barbadians?
Yes. Strongly embedded in our management philosophy is the desire to employ Barbadians to manage our store.   

Initially, less than 5% of those working in the new store will be non-Barbadian. After our operations have been established, we seek to have 100% Barbadian employment at all levels in the organization.   
Who will be the local spokesperson? 
Maartje van der Maas: mmaas@kooymanbv.com or info-barbados@kooymanbv.com

What is the expected completion cost of the project? 
40 million USD

How long will the construction take? 
The store will open in the first quarter of 2020. The construction will have taken approximately one year by that time.

Who is the Contractor/Architects on the Job? 
This Kooyman store will be a copy of the Megastores in Curaçao, Aruba and St. Maarten, so architecture and engineering are established. The contractor is Moorjani Caribbean (Barbados) ltd. The management of the construction is executed by Steinbok Management Services. During the construction a big team of local subcontractors will be working on the project.

What is the exact sq footage of the project? 
165.000 square foot

When was the land purchased? 
It was purchased in October 2018.

Where can we go for more information? 
For job applications, please send your resume and motivation to: jobs@lci-inc.com or jobsbarbados@kooymanbv.com