Details details details

As the rough foundation for the Megastore is in place, we can now focus on the details. We have installed skylights for a comfortable shopping experience. All our electrical ducts and data cabling is in place, the sprinkler tubes are pre-installed and the suspension wires for air-conditioning ducts are visible. Racking, products, technical displays and ample signage will be installed here in the months to come.

Our Drive Thru is also getting into shape. The (sub)contractors are working simultaneously in different groups to install roof sandwich panels on the front, the sprinkler tubes, and the floor is being troweled and prepared for the upcoming pouring. Also pillars are being erected and wall sandwich panels are being installed at the back.

All in all Kooyman is working hard on our new Megastore and Drive Thru so that we can receive our customers in the months to come! See you soon.