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Hot air ovens for every single kitchen and taste

With its great functionality, hot air ovens are a must have in each kitchen! And specially if you enjoy cooking, then choosing the right oven for your kitchen can be quite a big decision! With all the different models on the market, the type you choose doesn’t only affect your cooking but also the overall look of your kitchen.

Gas or electric? Build in or standalone? At Kooyman we have ovens for every single kitchen and taste!

The convection oven vs the conventional oven

The conventional oven

This traditional oven is using two heating elements as the heating source to cook the food. One heating element is placed on top and the other on the bottom in the oven. As this oven doesn’t have a convection fan to circulate the air, it can create hot pockets that can cause the food to cook faster or slower, depending on the placement of the food.

As this is the most common oven on the market, most recipes are created for this model. It’s the easiest oven to work with as you won’t need to adjust the temperature or cooking time based of any hot air circulation (that usually impacts both).

The convection oven

The convection oven has as addition to the two heating elements also a fan and exhaust system that circulates the air. This feature reduces teh hot/cold pockets making the food cook more evenly. It also provides you with better versatility as it allows you to cook on multiple racks at the same time.

This system also reduces the moist in the oven helping you to brown and crisp the food on the outside while keeping it moist on the inside. But this is not always a good quality so for some instances you would need to turn off this feature to get a better result. When turning it off your oven will work as a conventional oven with the two heating elements.

Thanks to the constant airflow, convection cooking is more economical as it enables you to cook at a lower temperature while reducing the cooking time. It also allows you to preheat the oven faster.

How will the oven fit in your kitchen?

The freestanding oven

A freestanding oven or standalone oven is a more traditional type of oven for modern kitchens, standing on the floor but at the same time build into the kitchen area. They are an all-in-one appliance usually containing a cooktop in addition to the oven.

The freestanding oven can vary in its size depending on the model but they normally have the same dept and height as regular cabinets for it to be easily integrated in the kitchen design. They can vary in their configuration and are available in both gas or electric versions.

Most freestanding ovens are quite large in size and take up more space that a wall oven but if you want to create a focal point in your kitchen and you have the space for it, then this could be the way. Just remember as they are “two appliances in one” they also come with a higher price tag.

The integrated oven

The integrated oven is also known as a build-in oven or wall oven and is installed inside a kitchen cabinet at your preferred height.

They are normally smaller than the standalone oven and can blend in seamlessly in the kitchen design and is therefore preferred by most homeowners.

With this said, compared to the stand-alone oven, this appliance doesn’t include a cooktop and you would therefore need to integrate that elsewhere in the kitchen.

Normally, the integrated ovens come with more features, such as Wi-Fi and combination microwave and they are available in both electric and gas.

Gas vs electric ovens

When deciding the fuel source of your oven, you need to consider the difference in cooking style. The gas oven tends to heat faster than the electric oven making the cooking process shorter, but at the same time the electric oven tends to distribute heat more evenly, especially when having a convection fab. It also holds its heat for a longer, which makes adjusting the temperature difficult at times.

Installing a gas oven can be costly and difficult as you would need to hire a qualified professional for the installation but if you live in areas with a lot of power outages, you would still be able to prepare your meal!

If you have a hard time deciding between an electrical oven and a gas oven, there are hybrid versions on the market available giving you the best of both.