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Quality microwaves for effortless cooking

Today’s microwaves are quite versatile and come with many different set of features. The traditional use of the microwave has been to heat up leftovers and defrost food from the freezer. You still have these simple models but also models that can offer much more!

The newer combination microwaves you can use as an oven or grill to crisp and even brown food. It is great for kitchens with limited space or budget!

With this array of choices, it’s important as a buyer to decide what features or functions are important for your kitchen.

A microwave uses electromagnetic radiation to heat your food, compared to a regular oven that uses the heating element to heat the air in the oven and with that also the food. The radiation produced in the microwave causes the polar molecules in the food to rotate and produce thermal energy which heats the food from the inside and out.

Now, having the complicated part out of the way, let’s have a look at the different options to consider when buying your microwave:

Microwave features

Many different models come with many different features, it’s therefore essential to know what aspects are the most important to you.

The control panel on a microwave is quite important and it should be easy to use. You can decide for a touch control that is easy to clean without buttons or knobs or choose one with, to maybe make it less complicated.

It is also wise to consider the power settings and the automatic programs available. Consider what programs would be essential for the use of the microwave but also what features would make your life easier.

How about the automatic defrost program where sensors calculate the cooking time needed based on the amount of steam the food emits? With sensors you can make it more energy efficient as it will cook your food only as long as needed and then it shuts itself off. This also saves YOU energy as you don’t need to check on the food constantly if it's done.

If you have children, it could be wise looking for one that has the child lock feature, like with the rest of the kitchen appliances.

Heating capacity

When talking about microwaves, the wattage equals power! With a higher power (wattage) microwave you can heat your food not only faster but also more efficient while with a lower watt it will cook slower and more unevenly. So, for your convenience it is wiser to select a higher wattage microwave, but only of your budget allows it of course.

Energy saving mode

Remember that even when a microwave is on “stand-by” it uses electricity. So if you want to be energy efficient you have models with energy saving mode that reduces the amount of power it normally uses.

Solo microwave vs microwave combi oven

The solo microwave oven

When buying a microwave, you can choose to buy the cheapest and easy to use oven. The solo microwave is the most basic version of the microwave choices and is also quite compact which can save valuable space in your kitchen.

But this also comes with limited functionality and capacity. Even thou you might have a wide range of cooking programs, the solo oven can’t function as and oven to crisp or brown the food. If you want this function, you should consider the combi microwave oven.

The combi microwave oven

When buying a combination microwave oven your cooking options are much greater as it can be used partly as an oven. With this more advanced technology you can not only heat your food but grill, crisp, roast and even brown your food. So, if you have limited amount of space in your kitchen but still want the functionality of both an oven and a microwave, this would be a great choice for you!

How will the microwave fit in your kitchen?

You have two main options for the microwave installation, you either choose a free-standing model that is placed on the countertop or a shelf or you decide for the build in model that is either integrated in a cabinet or into the wall.

The free-standing model is the most available one as it’s very easy to install and can be moved around the kitchen. But lately, the build in model has gained popularity based on the modern look and design. This model is also more expensive and could be harder to install based on how handy you are.

Consider the clearance space!

Microwaves always need clearance space for appropriate ventilation, especially the combination microwaves. So, make sure to add this extra space into your planning!