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Steel products for durable construction projects 

The great qualities of steel have made it a frequently used material in many different sectors. From construction to aerospace, steel has many areas of use, and it provides a great balance between strength and flexibility. It actually has an impressive strength, even in smaller volumes, making it much more space efficient than other construction materials.  

Steel is constantly evolving and nearly 200 years after its invention, new formulas and coatings are being created developing the benefits and qualities even further.  

Even thou it’s not a cheap material, because of its durability and lately also competitive pricing options, it has become a popular material in the residential construction sector.  

Steel is deemed to be a green material as it can easily be reclaimed or recycled and because of its strength only a smaller amount is needed for your project. Actually, more than 80 percent of the steel used today is from recycled materials. And steel doesn’t degrade over time, as it has unique metallurgic properties, making it recyclable as long as it exists. 

Kooyman carries a large assortment of building materials, including steel products for construction and renovations: 

Welded wire mesh 

Welded mesh panels are mostly used for reinforcing concrete slabs and floors, but it can also be used for fencing and other construction projects. The mesh provides great support and is made from a series of metal bars that are welded together vertically against each other, creating a geometrical and flat pattern. It has an excellent adherence to concrete and is easy to work with and install. 

The wire mesh has a lot of advantages as it’s factory made and ready to be used, which reduces construction costs as no bending or welding is needed on site. 

For connecting two reinforcing nets, like floors and walls or double layers, you can use spacers or separators. These spacers hold the two nets together creating a solid construction. 

For creating round concrete columns the easiest reinforcement to use is the round column steel reinforcement. They are made from concrete casting nets, made in a circular shape which creates a solid round structure for your columns 

Steel reinforcing rods 

Reinforcement in concrete is almost always necessary and is to be placed a certain distance from the edge of the concrete to not damage the rods. Steel rebars or steel reinforcement rods as they are also called, are manufactured with a ribbed structure to increase its grip. These bars can be bend and adjusted based on the concrete’s shape and placement, making them an essential part of every construction project. 

Steel bars 

Steel bars can come in angled or straight profiles and are used for applications both inside and outside. They can be used as reinforcement, for protecting a construction or for adding a finishing touch. They come in many different sizes and thicknesses.  

Rectangular steel tubes

Rectangular steel tubes are hollow steel bars often used in steel structures. Because if its construction, they are solid and durable and can be added as reinforcement or other structural item, but also as decoration. 

Flat steel sheets

Steel sheets have many different application areas and depending on its finish, it can be used from different applications in the automotive industry to the manufacturing of household appliances.

Lead sheets

Lead sheets are normally used in construction as a layer of defense against water, above window frames, on roofs and other locations where different materials joins together.

Titanium Zinc sheets

The titanium zinc sheets are a zinc composite, including smaller amounts of copper and titanium creating an even stronger and more solid metal. Because of its strength, these sheets can be used in construction, for roof coverings but also for gutters and facades. It has high corrosion resistance because of its coating making it very wear resistant.