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High quality locks for your home safety

For both interior and exterior doors, there are several different models of locks to select between. From securing the front door against intruders to just give privacy in the bathroom, you can choose between heavy duty locks and light duty locks. And understanding their differences is the “key” to buying the right one!

Interior door locks

The door knob lock is one of the most common types of locks for interior doors, but you can also find them on exterior doors together with an additional more secure lock. This lock is more for privacy than security purposes and can be used on bathroom and bedroom doors. The lock itself is on the door knob and you can choose to have it lock from one or two sides.

You also have special bathroom locks that uses a mortice lock together with a thumbturn to lock the door from the inside, also indicating through red/green plate if the bathroom is occupied. For safety reason, this lock can be opened from the outside with a coin or similar tools.

A door bolt lock focuses more on privacy than security and can be used for bathrooms but also for gates and smaller sheds. It’s a very easy “slide to lock” solution and comes in many sizes and models.

For the same purpose, you can also use chain locks but these are most suited for indoor use. The difference is that with this lock it’s possible to open the door slightly while the chain is still on, meaning it could be a added security feature on a front door.

Padlocks is one of the most common used locks as they are portable and can be used for many different purposes. As they come in many different sizes and strengths you can use it for securing all kinds of property. Together with a chain you can lock outside furniture together or use it to lock your bike while in town.

External door locks

For your front door and other exterior doors you have several choices for locks. The most common lock used is the mortise lock. They are powerful locks available from light-duty to heavy-duty models. They consist of an internal system making them more of a lockset than a lock.

These locksets can use both knobs or levers to open the door and provides more security than cylindrical locks alone. The lock set is to be placed within the door creating the locking mechanism. The cylinder component comes in different sizes to suit different door types and you can decide between a wide array of hardware to go with it.

For extra security, you can also decide to add a multi-point locking system that bolts the door on multiple points with the turn of a key. The more bolts, the harder it will be to break in!

Another great option for front door lock is the deadbolt lock. It offers strong security as their unique locking mechanism is better equipped to resist burglary attacks. It has lock bolts that move with the turning of a key or knob, and you have them in double and single cylinder models.

For more high-tech households you could go with a keyless solution lock, like the keypad locks or the newer smart locks. The keypad locks use a keypad rather than a key to open the door, you can set multiple codes based on the user and restrictions. Many of these locks come with the option of using a key, for situations when the keypad wouldn’t work.

The smart lock on the other hand is a versatile electronic door lock that allows multiple ways of opening the door. Even thou many of these locks come with a keypad and a keyhole, they have the capability to be locked and unlocked at a distance through Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth connectivity.


Depending on the lock that you choose, the keys could actually be a safety risk!

Mechanically cut keys can be easily replicated, which is great if you need an additional key made but not so good to prevent break ins. With the smart locks you don’t have to worry about losing keys or having someone copying it. You can use the key as a backup if for some reason the electronics wouldn’t work.