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Edging & border fencing

Edging and border fencing helps create distinct borders between different areas and surfaces around your landscaping. Each area has its purpose and keeping gravel, grass and mulch in its place will make your gardening easier.


There are three types of edging, landscape edging, border fencing and mulch edging. 


The landscape edging is used to create a sharp border in the soil between different surface materials, like grass and flowerbeds. The border fencing works as a decorative low fence for creating borders between gardens and sidewalks while the mulch edging is used for providing a wider border for protecting trees and flowers from lawnmowers etc. 


After you decide which type of edging you will apply in your garden, it is important to decide on the type of fence. There is plenty to choose from.


Security fence

Fencing of any kind can improve a property’s security considerably. With security fencing the main purpose is to keep people out and off your property. It’s therefore important to buy a solid design that is at least 1.8-2m high and with a smooth outer face to make it hard to jump over or climb. You could also decide to have spikes placed on the top of the panel, making it even harder to climb over. To see our collection, visit our Razor, Barbed wire & Spikes page.


You can visit our Fencing Page to explore all options.