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Outdoor toys for hours of fun in the sun!

Having outdoor toys is a great way to encourage your kids to be outside and play but also for you as an adult! In our assortment you find a range of pool floats, kids swim gear but also small inflatable pools and snorkeling gear to enjoy a day outside.

When buying any of our outdoor toys, please read the warning label carefully and make sure they are used correctly. Specially if you have smaller children, then you need to make sure that the toys are suitable for them. Safety warnings should be taken seriously and while children are playing in a pool or by the water, they should always be supervised!

Pool floats

What a great way to spend an afternoon, gliding across your pool on a float, basking in the sun? Sounds like vacation. But in this climate, we can do this regularly.

Pool floats have become quite versatile, perfect for kids that are ready to play, parents who are ready to relax and everyone else in between. With all the different designs and options available, which one do you prefer?

Do you like a big inflatable statement piece like the pink flamingo or would you rather prefer a pool noodle? You have floats that lets you sit up or recline, stay nice and dry or soak in the water. Whatever you prefer.

Swim googles & snorkels

When buying your snorkel or swim goggles, you need to select one that fits you and your face perfect as snorkeling equipment provides the best performance only if it’s the right size. Some models fit wider faces and others narrow, for the mask to prevent leaking it needs to fit nicely on your face to seal off the water.

Kid pools

Not all households can afford having a pool, it’s therefore a great option to have a kids pool available for the warm and sunny afternoons, providing hours of water fun for the little ones!

There are various shapes and sizes but what you as a parent should consider is the depth of the water in the pool. Depending on the age of your kid, you should adjust the water level as it could be a drowning risk if you have a too high water level.

For toddlers they suggest no higher that 20 cm and for older children the water can be up to their knees or even to their waist. You should also make sure to leave a clearance space around the pool making sure that there is clear sight for supervising your kids while they play.

You could also add an umbrella or shading over the pool to shield you children form the dangerous UV rays.

Kids swim gear

No matter if your little one has never been introduced to water or if he is an intermediate swimmer, for safety reasons your child should always be prepared for the pool and wear the right swim gear.

Depending on the age and the swim experience, you can choose between the armbands or swim vests. The armbands should be used to improve your kid’s basic swimming skills and is recommended for children that are comfortable in the water but still developing.

The swim vests are similar to the flotation suit and helps the kid stay afloat while they are learning how to swim and developing confidence in the water. These vests provide better flotation and safety than the arm bands and should be used for younger children.


For guests that are staying over, or for experiencing the outside while sleeping in a tent. Even thou they aren’t used regularly, airbeds should be comfortable to sleep on! Having an airbed with a soft sleeping surface that prevents the sheets from slipping plus a solid construction that creates an even sleeping surface, will give whoever uses the mattress a good night’s sleep! Available in different sizes, having an air mattress available in your home will make sleepovers or outside expeditions more comfortable!