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Choose the best shower for your bathroom

On the hunt for a great new shower to add style to your bathroom? As you noticed, there is a wide range of different types of shower heads and systems to choose between. How about choosing one of the newer colors like black for a modern look or brass to create a vintage look? Or how about choosing a concealed shower system where only the shower head and thermostatic control is exposed?

Looks and style aside, there are more points to consider when buying a shower. So be sure to select the most practical model that suits your home and the intended use of your bathroom.

With so many styles and models to choose between, we can understand that it can seem like a bit of a headache, but don’t you worry. We have put together a few points for you to consider to be able to select the right shower for your bathroom:

Exposed vs hidden pipework

There is a shower system for each taste and style!

Concealed shower systems give a modern and sleek finish as only the shower head and the thermostat control are visible. This also means that the pipework needs to be installed within the wall, but you can also build a “false wall” to make it easier to hide the pipework.

If you decide for the concealed shower, consider the height the thermostat control and shower head specially when people of different heights will be using it.

Having an exposed shower system can also add style to your bathroom. Depending on the chosen model, you can give it a retro vibe or sleek contemporary feel. The exposed shower system is easy to install compared to the concealed shower system and you can connect it with all types of water heating systems.

Mixer showers

A mixer shower works by mixing cold and warm water within the unit and then delivering it through the showerhead. This shower requires a hot water system with a main water boiler tank as the shower relies on available hot water to get the right temperature by mixing it with the cold water.

Temperature variations can occur if the pressure between the two are off, this can happen if a bigger amount of cold water is being used for another device, example flushing of a toilet.

This problem can be solved through installing and thermostat as then the mixer consistently maintains the right temperature through adjusting the water balance. This is a big benefit when you have children in your household as the shower suddenly running hot water can be downright dangerous. Models that cut out before reaching a high and dangerous water temperature are also available.

The mixer showers come in different models, but they require a good water pressure, so they aren’t right for all homes!

Electric showers

Widely popular on Curacao, the electrical showers provide warm water on demand, making them a very economical choice. This type of showers suits all home types as they are not dependent on any specific water system and can easily be connected and hung on the wall. The unit then uses cold water from the main supply and heats it up before delivering it through the shower head. The temperature you select on the heater itself and it makes sure to provide you with the right temperature water.

The benefits with this type of shower are that you will never run out of hot water as it heats it on demand and there will be no wastage or storage needed which makes it energy efficient.

Digital showers

If you want a more high-tech shower there are digital shower options. With a wireless control, you can position the diverter box anywhere, even outside of the bathroom. You can have special programmed settings for each family member liking and also set a limited shower time to save water consumption.

These digital showers come in either electric or mixer variations and can add a stylish but also practical function to your bathroom.

Water saving shower heads

If you want to be economic with your water consumption, then decide on water-saving shower heads for the shower. They come with different technologies, some mix water with air to reduce the amount of water and some reduce the flow rate.

These shower heads can usually be fitted to you existing shower unit, but they are not recommended for electrical showers as the waterflow is already low.