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Kitchen cabinets for your dream kitchen!

When designing your dream kitchen, choosing your kitchen cabinets will be one of the biggest decisions you will make. And with that said, buying the right cabinets is more than just deciding the color and the finish of the cabinets.


As the kitchen cabinets are the backbone to your kitchen, you can breathe new life into your home by changing color but also configuring the cabinetry to make the most use of the space. You can for example improve efficiency by wisely planning your appliance layout and making your storage options more optimal by adding drawers. Make your kitchen your own with our wide range of Kitchen Accessories.


Be sure to finish of your kitchen with the right hardware as it can be just as important style choice as the cabinetry itself!

If you are interested in kitchen cabinets and our kitchen design service, go to the Kooyman store near you and meet our friendly experts - we are always happy to help.


Decide on the kitchen layout.

The first thing you need to do when planning your kitchen is to decide on the layout. For smaller kitchens a straight line or a gallery kitchen would use the space most efficiently but if you have a larger family or like to entertain, a kitchen with an island will provide more countertop space, seating and room for all your kitchen appliances.


What is important when deciding on the layout is to consider the “the Golden Triangle” of kitchen design. What is this? Well, to create the most efficient layout you should plan your three main work areas; the fridge, oven, and stove to form a “triangle”. This area will be the highest trafficked space in your kitchen and when the appliances are placed 1,5-2 two meters apart from each other, it will improve the workflow of your kitchen.



Consider the storage.

When it comes to kitchen storage there is no such thing as “too much storage” and by nailing your storage solution will make a great difference when it comes to the functionality of your kitchen.


Consider what is currently working and what is not, and plan to solve these problems by adding more cabinets or just more personalized storage solutions. And don’t forget the small appliances that usually clutters your countertop, cabinets can conceal this mess and make the kitchen look larger than it already is!


Even though open shelving is beautiful, consider it as decoration and not storage as messy shelves can clutter your kitchen.


Kitchen cabinet styles.

The style and color you choose for your cabinetry will have a major impact on your kitchen design. There is an endless variety of colors and finishes and if you don’t already have an idea in mind, it could get quite overwhelming. What you could start with is deciding on the cabinet style, there is shaker, mission(craftsman), slab (flat-front), beadboard, handle-free and raised-panel cabinet doors.


The framed style of cabinet gives that traditional or classic appeal, while the frameless style cabinet gives a more modern and minimalist aesthetic for your kitchen. Whatever cabinet style you prefer, make sure it fits with the appeal of the rest of your home!


Cabinet materials.

Modern cabinets come in many different materials and finishes. Majority of the cabinets on the market has a wood component as base and the composition dictates the overall pricing.


The most expensive choice is solid wood cabinetry, they are very durable and unique in its color and texture. If you want the wood look but don’t want to pay the price, you should consider wood veneer or laminate. They are both affordable alternatives! If you are looking for a highly durable material with resistance to bending or expansion due to temperature changes and moisture, MDF cabinetry can be the right choice for you.


Other alternatives also include plywood, particle board and thermofoil.


Accessorize your kitchen correctly.

Your kitchen is like your workspace. Try to make it as personal as possible to have a working area that feels like your own. Explore our wide selection of Kitchen Accessories & Organization.


Did you know that the handles and knobs determine the final look of your kitchen cabinetry? The cabinets aside, the hardware alone can completely change the look of your kitchen! Traditional handles can give your kitchen a rustic charm while sleek streamlined handles can give your kitchen a modern look. And have you thought about your personal kitchen sink and faucet? These can add to your modern or industrial ambiance while creating a hygienic atmosphere.


And why not integrate lighting into your design? Placing lighting inside the cabinets to either light up the cabinet when opened or lighting up an open design glass cabinet. Or maybe lighting placed under the cabinet to light up the countertop, there are many options to choose between!


And while you are choosing your cabinetry, why not decide for integrated appliance with a cabinet front to create a more seamless design?


If you choose to not have your appliances integrated, then make sure they match the hardware and the rest of the appliances in your kitchen.