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Screws: The Ultimate Fastening Solution

Screws are the quintessential fasteners for a multitude of projects, offering strength, precision, and versatility. Kooyman's extensive collection of screws ensures that you have the right fastener for every task, whether you're assembling furniture, mounting shelves, or securing decking.


Screws are often used with anchors to provide a secure hold in materials like concrete, brick, or drywall. Our screws are designed to fit seamlessly with our Anchors, ensuring a tight and reliable fastening for any heavy-duty application.

Picture Hanging:

Hanging pictures and decorations is made easy and secure with our specialized Picture hanging screws. They provide the necessary support for your frames and artwork, ensuring that your memories are displayed safely and beautifully.


For constructing strong and durable Joints, screws are the go-to fasteners. Kooyman offers a wide range of screws suitable for wood, metal, and plastic joints, providing the holding power needed for a stable build.


While Nails are a quick solution for many projects, screws offer greater holding power and are easily adjustable. For projects that require a more secure fastening, our screws are the ideal upgrade from traditional nails.

Specialty Fastener:

Our Specialty Fasteners cater to specific requirements, including self-drilling screws, decking screws, and concrete screws. These fasteners are engineered for materials and applications, providing a custom solution for your project needs.


To prevent damage to surfaces and ensure an even load distribution, Washers are used with screws. Kooyman's selection of washers complements our screws, providing added protection and stability.

Miscellaneous Fasteners:

In addition to standard screws, our Miscellaneous Fasteners include items such as screw caps, screw hooks, and screw eyes. These provide versatile fastening options for a variety of unconventional uses.