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Nails: The Fundamental Fasteners for Every Project

Nails are a staple in any toolbox, providing the basic yet essential means of fastening materials in a wide array of projects. At Kooyman, we offer a diverse selection of nails to cater to every construction, renovation, or hobbyist need.


While nails offer quick and easy fastening, some projects require the added security of Anchors. For those tasks, Kooyman provides a variety of anchors that work in tandem with nails to ensure a stable and enduring hold in materials like concrete and drywall.

Picture Hanging:

Hanging pictures and decorations is a breeze with our specialized Picture hanging nails. Designed to cause minimal wall damage while providing strong support, these nails make it easy to display your favorite art and photos securely.


While Nuts are not typically associated with nails, they are an integral part of the fastening system when combined with bolt nails. Kooyman offers a range of nuts to fit bolt nails for applications where a threaded fastener is required.


For projects that require more grip and holding power than nails can provide, Screws are the solution. Kooyman's extensive selection of screws complements our nails, offering you the right fastener for every task.

Specialty Fasteners:

In addition to traditional nails, we also carry Specialty Fasteners for specific applications. These include concrete nails, roofing nails, and more, providing specialized solutions for unique project requirements.


While not commonly used with nails, Washers can be important when nails are used in conjunction with bolt nails or screws. They help distribute the load and prevent the head from pulling through the material.

Miscellaneous Fasteners:

Our Miscellaneous Fasteners section includes a variety of other essential items such as brads, pins, and staples. These are perfect for when a standard nail won't suffice and a more specialized fastener is needed to complete your project.