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Buy the right toilet for your bathroom

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, choosing a toilet might not be the most exciting or glamourous part of the job but please hold that thought! There is a wide range of toilet models on the market and choosing the right one can truly transform your bathroom.

Whatever you decide for your bathroom, Kooyman has a wide range of toilet options!

Decide on the room layout

The toilet take up significant space in your bathroom so it’s wise to consider the layout and placement. Easiest is always to install the new toilet where the old one used to be as the drainage and piping is already available.

However, if you are renovating and planning on installing a new type of toilet it might be worth considering the following: the size of the room, the flow or limitations on the space and where to place the rest of the bathroom furniture. To be fully comfortable, the toilet should be out of the way, easily accessible and at least 40cm from any another objects or walls.

Also consider the size of the toilet itself, the different models will come in different sizes and it’s wise to have the exact measurements of your new toilet before deciding on the layout.

The three main types of toilet choices

When deciding on your toilet, you have three main choices of toilets available:

The wall hung toilet

The back to wall toilet

The “traditional” close coupled

The wall hung toilet

The name kind of explains itself, this toilet is attached the wall, elevated without touching the floor. The nice thing about this toilet is that they seem to be tank-less, but don’t let the looks fool you! The tank is placed hidden in the wall. This enables you to save valuable space in your bathroom.

Another great thing is that it makes cleaning a lot easier as it’s hung on the wall and it gives the bathroom a sleek modern feel. But as the tank is hidden in the wall, installing a wall hung toilet can be complicated and you might need some assistance with the plumbing and installation to make sure it’s stable.

The back to wall toilet

A back to wall toilet looks very similar to the wall hung toilet. They both have the tank and piping concealed in the wall but main difference this toilet is not suspended from the floor but fixed to it. It is positioned on the floor and against a wall and designed to take up very small floor space.

As the same with the wall hung toilet, the installation of the tank and system can be a bit complicated but with this toilet you won’t have the complication of a safe and secure hanging!

The “traditional” close coupled toilet

This toilet is the most frequently used and popular toilets on the market. On the close coupled toilet, the tank is visible and integrated in the unit located in the back of the toilet pan. As these toilets are a “one piece toilet”, installed in the floor, the installation is in general easier than when the tank is placed in the wall. They come in a wide range of styles and as they don’t require and external or hidden plumbing, they are less prone to leakage.

Water saving toilets

With the many different models and designs of toilet, comes also an eco-friendly and water efficient option. The water saving toilet include a dual flush tank that provides you with the option of using a reduced or full flush. As a general measure, a full flush uses roughly 6 liters of water, while a reduced flush uses about 3 liters.

Maybe you are not in need of a new toilet, but you can always renew or spice it up with a printed toilet cover. There are many available designs and prints that can suit a more creative mindset.