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Joints: Essential Connectors for Stability and Strength

Joints are fundamental components in construction and home improvement projects, providing the crucial connections that bring stability and strength to your work. At Kooyman, we offer a wide array of joints to meet the diverse needs of builders, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts.


Screws provide the necessary grip and ease of installation for securing joints. At Kooyman, you'll find screws of all sizes and for all materials, ideal for fastening joints in a variety of applications.

Specialty Fasteners:

For those projects that require non-standard connections, our Specialty Fasteners offer unique solutions. These include joint connectors, such as cam locks and dowel pins, which are designed for specific applications where traditional joints are not suitable.


Washers are often used with joints to distribute the load of a bolt or screw, prevent damage to the material, and reduce the chance of the joint loosening over time. Our washers come in various sizes to match the fasteners you're using with your joints.


For lighter applications, such as attaching fabric or thin materials, Tacks can be used alongside joints to provide a clean and less intrusive hold.

Miscellaneous Fasteners

Our Miscellaneous Fasteners section includes items like rivets, clips, and pins that can be used in conjunction with joints for specific purposes, providing the finishing touches to ensure your project is complete and secure.