Competition Overview

Challenge 1: Upcycled Pallet Project (Completed)


  • To enter the competition, participants must submit a 30 sec video and /or pictures of an upcycled pallet project no later than May 7th  
  • Participants must complete this project with their own tools.   
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to secure necessary pallets to complete their project 
  • If necessary, each store can supply pallets to participants. Contact our service desk to pick up the pallets.  
  • Voting by a Kooyman Jury 



Challenge 2: Children's Bed


  • The semifinalists were asked to construct a second project within 10 days 
  • All participants received a Kooyman gift voucher to purchase the necessary materials 
  • All semifinalists visited Kooyman for pictures and videos for our online campaign and voting. 
  • Each project is subject to public voting online 


Challenge 3: to be announced 


  • Five* finalists will compete in a live event at Kooyman 
  • The final project will be communicated two days before the event 
  • Kooyman will provide all materials & tools   
  • Dates differ per island

(*Two finalists in Sint Maarten) 


Pa Papiamentu/Papiamento klek aki: HANDYMAN PAP


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Sign up is closed! Good luck to all contestants!

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