General terms and conditions Kooyman Handyman Challenge 2023 

1. Kooyman Handyman Challenge competition is conducted by KOOYMAN BV   

2. Participants must be at least 18 years old. Employees of Kooyman BV and partners are not eligible. 

3. Kooyman Handyman Challenge competition consists of three rounds: 
A. Round 1: Via the campaign website people can register to participate in the Kooyman Handyman Challenge competition from April 10th, 2023 to May 7th 2023, 11:59 pm. 10 final contestants will be chosen and contacted via phone and email. 
B. Round 2: The 10 contestants will receive an invitation to come to the shop to pick up a do-it-yourself project that he / she can use at home. This process will be guided through text, photos and video. The participant will return his/her assignment to the local KOOYMAN BV store  by the date specified in local communication and it will be checked for relevance, elaboration, creativity and accuracy, after which the project will be shown on the campaign website. From May 21st to June 4th , 2023, 11:59 pm, you can vote online for the submitted projects by family, friends, acquaintances, etc. Per island, the 5 participants (SXM will be 2) with the most votes advance to round 3.

C. Round 3: In round 3, finalists are asked to come to the store for a 3rd assignment in the lumber yard. Participants must follow the instructions of the game supervisors when taking the assignment. Participants can qualify by completing the test as quickly, creatively and correctly as possible. Round 3 will take place on June 17th. An independent jury will announce which of the finalists is the overall winner of the “Kooyman Handyman Challenge 2023”. An award ceremony for the Kooyman Handyman will take place in the relevant store. 

4. Only 1 attempt may be made per participant during this competition to become the Kooyman Handyman Challenge 2023 winner. 

5. A. The winners of the Kooyman Handyman Challenge are eligible to win the following prizes.  
- Grand Prize: USD 3000 (ANG 5400, AWG 5400, BBD 6000) 
- Second Prize: USD 1000 (ANG 1800, AWG 1800, BBD 2000) 
B. Winners will be notified either verbally or in writing by e-mail. The prize cannot be paid out in cash, it must be received by the winner in person and cannot be transferred to a third party. The judge's and voting decision are final. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant that we suspect of vote rigging or vote buying. No correspondence can be entered into about the results of the rounds referred to in article 3. 

6. By participating in the preliminary rounds of Kooyman Handyman Challenge you agree that your data and projects created can be used for promotional purposes with unlimited usage in perpetuity. You can withdraw this consent at any time by making this known to, participation in the competition is hereby immediately excluded. 

7. Until 1 year after the announcement of the Kooyman Handyman Challenge 2023 on June 17th, the finalists will, at the request of KOOYMAN BV, cooperate in promotional activities related to the relevant competition and the prize-giving ceremony. This includes publicity in words and images via all media, such as out of home, social media, radio and internet. 

8. KOOYMAN BV reserves the right to end the competition early, change locations and / or final assignments. Early termination will be announced publicly. 

9. By participating in this competition, the persons concerned agree to these terms and conditions of the Kooyman Handyman Challenge' competition. 

10. KOOYMAN BV is not liable for misuse of the photo material by third parties (on social media) and can therefore not be held liable for this. Participation is at your own risk. 

11. The country law of the location of the challenge applies to these general terms and conditions. For more information, we refer you to Privacy Policy KOOYMAN BV. 

12. The general conditions for participation in this competition are shown on and can be requested via email at 

13. If the general conditions do not provide for certain situations, KOOYMAN BV will decide. The participant must adhere to that decision. 

14. META is not commercially or legally involved in these competitions, even if a competition is advertised and shared on our Facebook & Instagram pages and if certain activities in connection with the main prize take place on Facebook & Instagram. The organizer of competitions is exclusively KOOYMAN BV in each case. Any questions relating to the competition should be addressed to KOOYMAN BV entering one of our competitions and therefore accepting the terms and conditions of participation, entrants exempt META from any liability and responsibility in connection with the competition.  

15. Local laws apply to these terms and conditions.