Together We Go Green

We owe it to our community to support green initiatives and develop sustainable products as much as possible.

And yet, we realize that it can’t just be external. Our organization has to take the lead.


Sustainability Objectives 

In the past years, we've set goals to contribute internally and externally. We've implemented improvements within our organization and supported various initiatives with positive goals towards sustainability. We will continue with this strategy of combining internal initiatives with external ones.

Improvements Within the Organization

LED Lighting

All our lighting has been replaced with LED bulbs.  

Solar Panels

Some stores use solar-generated energy.

Waste Management

Specialized parties collect and dispose of all our plastic and cardboard packaging.

Waste Paper Reuse

We strive to reuse printer paper where possible, such as using the blank side for notes, etc. Internally, in cooperation with the HR department, we have an awareness campaign.

Materials Used

Cardboard cups and bamboo straws have replaced foam/plastic cups and plastic straws. Some locations only use disposable food trays. 


We collect all empty plastic (HDPE) cleaning bottles at the Kooyman head office and recycle them via Fuse Curaçao. We're also collecting plastic wrapping in our Drive-Thru’s.


We’ve introduced a special Kooyman sustainable shopping bag in all stores. It's made of partly recycled materials and is 80% recycled PET.

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