Colors of the Caribbean

Zillah Duzon Hazel: St. Maarten


Zillah Duzon Hazel is a multi-faceted artist and surface pattern designer born and raised on St. Maarten as a true daughter of the soil. Recently, Zillah has also turned her talents towards mural art as well.

Zillah is known for her bright and bubbly personality which is strongly reflected in her paintings and clothing designs. Featuring bright island colors such as Orange, Coral, Green and Yellow which are very much present in the beauty and nature of Sint Maarten, ranging from flora, sunlight, and beautiful green landscapes.  

Zillah was ready to take on the challenge to express her passion through the Kooyman “Colors of the Caribbean” paint campaign. She aspires to be an inspiration to others and to make people smile and feel a sense of happiness when they wear and see her work.  

Zillah is a very passionate and expressive artist apparent through her bold use of color. She is also a hardworking presence in the community, by way of her contribution to upholding culture through expression of art. 

Zillah’s Mural work first started with the ColorMeSXM mural project back in 2020 for the local NGO, Be The Change Foundation. This is also where three of her designs were selected to uplift areas in the busy Philipsburg area of Sint Maarten.  

As a mom of two, family comes first, and oftentimes you may find her husband and her two sons on scene, giving a helping hand on many of her painting projects. 

Her love of St. Maarten, its relaxing atmosphere and ability to spontaneously indulge in a peaceful day at the beach lends to her charm and continually inspires her fresh take on art and design. 

With her flare for colors, Zillah also successfully launched her clothing brand, Jolie Duzon, an expression of her creative mind translated into beautiful clothing and accessories. In Zillah’s words, “Jolie Duzon was created for women who are not afraid to stand out, women who are confident, women who are leaders, women who are passionate and love life.”  

The Jolie Duzon brand has not only been celebrated locally, but also internationally, in multiple fashion shows across the Caribbean and most recently showcased at the 2023 New York Fashion Week.  

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