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Door & Window Hardware for a functional home

Door parts & Accessories are an essential part of making your doors and windows functional. There are different systems and hardware available on the market to fit your needs.  

With Kooyman’s wide assortment of hardware you will find what you need.

Door handles 

The most common door handles in homes are lever handles. It’s a horizontal handle fixed to the door and by pulling it down, it opens the door. It’s a very simple design that can be used for both residential and commercial properties. They come in many different materials and designs for you to choose the right style for your home.  


A doorknob has a ball-like design that opens the door as you turn it. It’s a simple and discrete design which is suited best for residential homes. When installing the knob you can decide if you want to have it open when it’s turned to the left or when it’s turned to the right. 

Bathroom handles 

Bathroom handles are slightly different as they feature a deadbolt system that can be locked for extra privacy. This handle usually features a door plate that indicates if the door is locked or not, very useful for both residential and commercial properties where many people is to use the toilet.  

Pull handles 

For bigger and heavier door designs, a pull handle can be the most convenient choice. The help spread the weight making it easier to open the door. It’s a quite simple design that suits commercial buildings or other public settings. 

Door and window hinges 

Hinges are an essential part of the door and window hardware selection. Without them, no windows or doors can be opened or closed. Many of the hinges used are so called mortise hinges, meaning they are fitted in the door by carving out the space. These hinges are better suited for larger doors and windows, while others surface mounted can be used for smaller and lighter doors.  

What you need to keep in mind is to select the right size and quantity of hinges needed for the load of the door, for safety reasons.   

Sliding door system 

Installing a sliding door system in your home is a great way to save space, but also adding some character to the rooms. 

Sliding doors come in many designs and materials and we have mentioned the two most popular doors below:  

The traditional sliding door 

A traditional sliding door is installed with special hardware, on a track that is attached to the wall. They are quite convenient as they don’t take up much swing room as they slide along the wall when opening up. They can be used to separate rooms but also for kitchen cupboards and closets, but remember that they would need some wall space to be able to open properly. 

Pocket doors 

Pocket doors also slide on a track but instead of sliding along the wall opening it up, it slides into the wall hiding the door in a pocket. There is no swing space needed for this door leaving you with plenty of options and space for your furniture layout. Depending on the opening, a single or double door can be installed opening separately to each side. 

Window & Door Insulation 

No matter if you are dealing with cold climate or hot, your windows and doors should be insulated properly for better energy efficiency but also for avoiding moist to sipper through or pests to enter. 

This can easily be done with products like foam tape or weather-strip tape. 

Screen & storm door repair 

Screen doors and inserts for windows is an easy and economical way of keeping bugs and other animals out while letting fresh air in. These products can be installed to your homes existing doors and windows, but you can also buy new manufactured windows including screens nowadays. 

If you want to have a temporary solution for a bug free home, you can invest in magnetic door screens. These uses a net fabric that can open like a curtain with magnets for keeping it closed. 

With all screen doors you need to keep in mind your pets, some could easily break them if they want to get inside and there are options that has a special opening for letting your pets inside. 

A storm door is an additional external door that is used for extra protection for severe weather conditions. They are solid doors that often have removable glass and panels insertions that can be switched depending on the weather conditions.