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Nuts: Secure Your Projects with Precision

Nuts are an integral component in fastening systems, often paired with bolts to create strong and reliable joints. At Kooyman, we offer a wide variety of nuts to suit all your construction, assembly, and DIY needs, ensuring every connection is tight and secure.


When using Anchors bolts, nuts play a crucial role in fastening. They provide the necessary tension to keep anchors firmly in place, ensuring a secure hold in materials like concrete, brick, and drywall.

Picture Hanging:

For heavy-duty Picture hanging solutions, nuts can be used with bolts to securely mount frames and artwork. Kooyman provides the right nuts to match with our picture hanging systems, guaranteeing your pictures stay put.


While Nails are typically used without nuts, there are special instances, like with nail anchors, where a nut may be used to secure the nail in place. Kooyman offers nuts that can be used in these specific applications.


In some cases, Screws may be designed to work with nuts, particularly in machine screw applications. Our range includes nuts that are compatible with these types of screws, providing additional security and strength.

Specialty Fasteners :

For projects that require unique or non-standard fastening solutions, our Specialty Fasteners come into play. These include lock nuts, wing nuts, and cap nuts, each serving a specific purpose in the fastening process. At Kooyman, we understand the critical role that nuts play in fastening and securing projects. That's why we stock a comprehensive range of nuts to ensure you have the perfect match for any bolt or fastening requirement. Visit our 'Fasteners' category to find the nuts you need for a solid and secure assembly.