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Miscellaneous Fasteners: The Diverse World of Fixing Solutions

Miscellaneous fasteners encompass a wide range of unique and specialized fixings that serve crucial roles in both everyday tasks and specific applications. At Kooyman, we understand the importance of having the right fastener for the job, which is why we offer an extensive selection to cover all your needs. Let's take a closer look at how these various fasteners can be applied in different scenarios.


Anchors are specialized fasteners designed for securing items to materials where standard nails or screws would fail. They expand within the substrate to provide a firm hold, making them ideal for hanging heavy objects on walls or affixing items to concrete. Kooyman offers a variety of anchors to ensure your installations are rock-solid.


Nails are a staple in any toolbox, and miscellaneous nails include those that are designed for particular materials or finishes. From upholstery tacks to roofing nails, Kooyman has the right type of nail for your specific application, ensuring a perfect hold every time.


Nuts are the counterparts to bolts and come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to match the bolts they are intended to secure. In our miscellaneous fasteners section, you'll find nuts for all types of bolts, including those with locking features or made from non-corrosive materials.

Picture Hanging:

Picture hanging systems can be complex, requiring more than just a hook and a nail. Kooyman provides a range of miscellaneous fasteners for picture hanging, including specialty hooks, mounting systems, and wire that can accommodate different wall types and frame sizes.


Plugs, or wall anchors, are essential when you need to hang something on a hollow wall where screws alone won't suffice. They provide the necessary grip to hold screws in place, ensuring a secure mount. Our selection includes plugs for all types of walls and materials.


Screws are incredibly versatile, but sometimes you need a screw that's out of the ordinary. Whether it's a screw for a specific material, like concrete or plasterboard, or one with an unusual head for decorative purposes, Kooyman's miscellaneous fasteners category has the unique screws you need for your project.