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Latex wall paint for easy application and great result

The latex wall paint is a popular indoor paint that is water-based, meaning it’s easy to apply and dries quickly. Another advantage is that it comes in a range of colors and sheen choices, making it easy to create the right look for your home.

What is Latex paint?

Latex is the name used for water-based paints with acrylic resins. The latex paint is formulated for both inside and outdoor use. It’s easy to work with as it’s water-based and provides good durability. The more acrylic resin, the more durable and flexible the painting result will be, and generally it’s less susceptible to cracking and peeling than oil-based paint.

The paint can be applied to many different surfaces and achieves a great even coverage. Because of its composition, it’s relatively odor free while drying and less toxic than other paint types.

What are the different types of Latex paint?

Latex paint got its name from the synthetic latex rubber base that it earlier had, but now no latex is found in the paint and the name is used for all water-based paint with acrylic resins. Within the category you have different versions of the latex paint: 100% acrylic latex, acrylic latex and alkyd-modified latex.

“100% acrylic latex” is the highest quality latex paint, it holds up better to wear and tear and it’s slightly more elastic. It has the most acrylic resin and that makes it very durable and has better adhesion to surfaces.

The acrylic latex is the cheaper of the two and does a good job on interior walls. For a more durable and high performing paint, you can choose a paint with a higher sheen that suits the impact.

The alkyd-modified version is a water based acrylic alkyd that offers the same qualities and finish as an alkyd but with the non-yellowing benefits of a latex paint. 

Choose paint based on the room

The usage and conditions of the rooms throughout your home varies and because of this it’s wise to adjust the paint based on the room you are painting. So, depending on if you are painting your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, different kind of paints and sheens are best suited for the project:

Best paint for the kitchen

For your kitchen, a simple wall paint like the latex enamel is best suited, and it’s wise to consider a medium sheen like satin, eggshell or even semi-gloss for easy maintenance and cleaning of the surface.

Best paint for the bedroom

As your bedrooms are usually a low-traffic area, you could choose an interior wall paint with whatever sheen you prefer! If you wish you could use a flat or matte paint, but many homeowners use a satin or eggshell sheen as cleaning and maintenance is made easier.

Best paint for the bathroom

As you find a high level of moisture in your bathroom, you should choose a paint that is easy to wipe down but also to protect from the moisture. Choosing a paint with a high gloss sheen is the best choice as it has a tighter structure creates a stronger resistance to mildew and it will perform better over time.

And you should apply this to other wet areas of your home. For better protection and result, you should use a primer to bond the paint to the wall and that has mildewcide additives for protecting your walls for years to come.

Best paint for the living room

Your bedroom and living room are quite similar when it comes to foot traffic, and unless you have kids painting with a flat or eggshell finish works fine. But if you would need to regularly wipe down the walls, a higher sheen like satin is more suited.

Best paint for trims, windows and doors

For painting details around your home that is easily wiped down, you should opt in for a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint, as the acrylic resin in the paint protects your doors and windows from yellowing and they will look like new much longer!

Best paint for drywall

If you are facing an unpainted drywall, your best choice is to add a first layer of primer. This because the drywall soaks up paint unevenly and the primer will balance the soak rate and you will achieve a better result with your latex wall paint!