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Bolts: The Backbone of Strong Connections 

In the world of construction and DIY projects, bolts are the unsung heroes that hold everything together. At Kooyman, we offer an extensive range of bolts to cater to all your fastening needs, ensuring durability and reliability in every project you undertake.


For projects that demand a secure grip in materials like concrete or brick, our Anchors provide the perfect foundation. They work in tandem with bolts to lock down fixtures and provide a sturdy hold for heavy loads.


Bolts are often used in conjunction with Joints to reinforce connections. Our selection includes a variety of joint fasteners such as hinges, brackets, and plates that, when combined with the right bolts, create strong and lasting bonds.


While bolts are ideal for heavy-duty applications, Nails are the go-to for quick and easy fastening in woodworking and framing. Kooyman offers a wide range of nails to complement our bolts for all types of projects.


No bolt is complete without its nut. We provide a comprehensive selection of Nuts, including hex nuts, wing nuts, and lock nuts, designed to fit securely with our bolts for a tight and secure fastening.


Screws are versatile fasteners for a multitude of applications. From decking screws to drywall screws, Kooyman has the perfect match for our bolts to suit both your indoor and outdoor project needs.

Specialty Fasteners For those unique or demanding projects, our Specialty Fasteners offer customized solutions. These include eye bolts, U-bolts, and carriage bolts, each serving a specific purpose in the fastening process.