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The essential hand tools for your toolbox

No matter if you own your home or if you are renting, at one point most people will need to do some work around the house. From installing a bookshelf to hanging a picture on the wall, if you have the essential hand tools available it will be an easy job! And if you feel brave, you can even do some maintenance around the house. It all comes down to having the right tools available for the job!

So how do you build an essential toolkit for your home? There are a wide range of hand tools available on the market and at Kooyman you can find what you need!

With a wide range of available hand tools on the market we have put together a list of top 11 hand tools you should add to your toolbox:

Tape measure

No matter if you are a contractor, carpenter or a DIY-er, owning a tape measure is not only useful but essential as the importance of correct measurements can’t be overlooked!

So don’t guess or make assumptions, do like the old wise saying “measure twice, cut once”!


No toolkit is complete without a level!

It can be nearly impossible to determine if something I leveled, even thou it “looks” like it! To be sure your project gets off to a “straight start”, use a level as small discrepancies can accumulate to major issues! It’s also a small investment to make and it is very simple to use.


The hand tool that will be the most frequently used in your toolbox is without a doubt the hammer. When buying a hammer, choose one that feels balanced in your hands as it will be easier to work with. And while you are at it, don’t forget to buy the nails for your project


Nowadays you find screws in nearly everything around your home, from electrical devices to sofas, it therefore makes perfect sense to have at least one screwdriver at home as it will come into use sooner or later! There are two major different screwdrivers, a flat-head and a cross-head. It it’s therefore wise to invest in a set of screwdrivers with different heads and sizes to get as you would need it for practically everything!

Utility knife

Another essential hand tool is the utility knife, also called box knife. This knife consists of a body with a retractable blade that can be replaced when dull. The blade is easy to work with when sharp and retractable so don’t forget to retract the blade before you put it away or in your pocket!

Allen wrench set

The Allen key or a hex key is a quite simple tool that has a useful quality. It’s an L shaped tool that is used to screw bolts and screws that has hexagonal sockets. They can be used for all sorts of work, such as furniture or bicycle repairs. When buying a set, you will get the wrench in several useful sizes.

Adjustable wrench

The adjustable wrench is a tool for both loosening and tightening bolts or nuts. The lower jaw is adjustable which making it fit any size you might need. Which makes it perfect for having in handy in our toolkit!


Pliers come in many different sizes and shapes but having cutting plier and a needle nose plier is an essential addition to your toolkit! The cutting plier is great to cut wires and bolts while the needle nose plier is perfect for working with small thinks or in small spaces.

Caulk gun

When applying caulk or similar components, you do it with great easy when using a caulk gun. This tool helps you seal off or apply the material evenly over the surface by helping to push out the product.

Hand saw

This hand powered tool is a good addition to your collection and you will use it more than you think! There are several types of handsaws depending on the usage but having a hack saw thet is versatile and where you can change the blade to cut in different materials is a good one to start with!



Organize your tools with a toolbox

Now when you have your essential toolkit put together, don’t forget to invest in appropriate tool storage. It will then be easy to organize and find them when in need.

Consider safety and wear safety gear

We are all about safety and while working on your projects, big or small we always recommend you to use the necessary safety gear. It can be as easy as to wearing gloves or put on a pair of safety glasses and you can avoid the risk of getting hurt!

Remember, with successful projects it all comes down to good preparation and having the right hand tools at your disposal!