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Kitchen faucets for every sink

Kitchen faucets are the most used tool in the kitchen, and they are essential for the daily cooking and cleaning. But put the great functionality aside, it’s also a major focal point in your kitchen.

Deciding on the right faucet will not only enhance the functionality of your kitchen, but it will also enhance the style and design of the kitchen. Updating your faucet is a simple and quite cost-effective way to refresh your kitchen design or complete a bigger transformation.

From the more industrial inspired faucet, to a sleeker and more contemporary design, at Kooyman you find a great variety of styles so choose the right one for your kitchen!

As you search for a new kitchen faucet, you will realize that there is an ocean of choices!

Before you start going through your options, make sure to get the right measurements of your counter and sink area to be able to determine which faucet is the right fit for your space.

Choosing the right fit for your kitchen

There are two types of faucet installation to choose between, the counter/sink mounted faucet model that is mounted on the kitchen sink or on the counter and the wall mounted model, that you install on the wall by the sink.

The counter mounted faucet is the most frequently chosen model in household kitchens and there is a wide variety of designs and styles. With this model you can create a design statement in your kitchen and draw the attention towards the sink.

The wall mounted kitchen faucet you find in more commercial kitchens but also in households that want a more space saving design. If your kitchen has limited counterspace it could be wise to install this model. But remember, the installation of this faucet is a bit more complicated as the piping needs to be built in to the wall.

The different handle options

As the faucets come in so many different models, you should consider the different handle options on the market:

Single-handled faucets: The single handled faucet rotate their handle to regulate the waterflow and the water temperature. This faucet is easy to use and is great for a busy kitchen that needs a simple and uncomplicated faucet.  These faucets are also easy to install as they only require one hole in your countertop.

Double-handled faucets: The double handled faucet has dedicated handles for warm and cold water which makes it easy to adjust the water temperature. This faucet needs three holes for installation which makes it a bit more inconvenient to mount. This model is usually considered a more traditional style and you might have limited options available.

Hands-free faucets: This faucet is a more high-tech option for your kitchen but is a great option! The waterflow is activated by a sensor that detects contact or motion and opens the valve to provide the water. You can set the wanted water temperature on its side handle.

This faucet also has a setting that automatically shuts off the flow to save water, so you never have to worry about an overflowing sink!

But remember, these are battery operated devices so you might need to change them occasionally.

The faucet sprayer function

With a wide variety of faucet models also comes a wide variety of features. One of them is the sprayer function. This new feature will increase the functionality of the faucet and improve your kitchen workflow.

The pull-down sprayer

This sprayer hose can extend down from its main body allowing extended reach and ease of reaching both inside and outside of the sink.  

Pull-out sprayer

This model is similar to the pull-down sprayer, but the design is lower and instead of extending down, the hose extends out towards the user.

Side sprayer

This model uses a separate sprayer that is mounted next to the faucet instead of being a part of it. This is a great option if you want to keep your current faucet and add a sprayer separate next to it, using an extra hole in your countertop.

Finish it right!

When you have decided the functionality and model of your faucet, then it’s time to choose the right style and finish! This can be challenging enough as the faucets come in many variations. When choosing the faucet, the number one rule is to match the faucets color, style, and finish to the cabinet fittings.

Your faucet will be a focal point in your kitchen so make sure to choose one that suits your kitchen design. At Kooyman we have a wide selection of kitchen faucets for every style and taste, so have a look and decide on the right statement for your kitchen!