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Garden hoses to keep your garden beautifully green.

From watering your outdoor plants to washing your car, garden hoses have many functions around your house. There are several options when it comes to buying a garden hose and together with good Hose Reels and muzzles you will have extremely useful tools in your garden!


The quality of garden hoses is mostly determined by the number of layers, or plies that it’s made of as well as its resistance to bending, kinking and UV-rays. The modern hoses are normally made up of at least 3 layers while the 6-layer hoses are considered better quality.


The hoses are normally made from layers of vinyl, polyurethane and rubber, and reinforced with a nylon or metal mesh. The expandable hoses come with an outer layer of tough women fabric that allows it to expand and contract with the water pressure.


Garden hoses aren’t always cheap, so it’s wise to know the facts before you go ahead and make your choice!


Even as garden hoses, watering cans are also indispensable tools for nurturing your garden, but they serve different purposes and offer distinct advantages. Garden hoses are versatile and ideal for larger gardens or areas that require thorough watering. They provide a steady and even flow of water, making them perfect for lawns and flowerbeds. On the other hand, watering cans are more precise and handy for targeted watering, especially for delicate seedlings and potted plants. While hoses are efficient for covering extensive spaces, watering cans offer a personal touch, allowing you to nurture your garden with care.


The different kind of hoses

There are many different types of hoses. To make sure your hose fits your garden, you can personalize your hose with our wide range of Hose Accessories.



Drip line hoses

The drip line hoses are used for drip irrigation systems to water bushes and plants close to their roots. This customizable system, normally made from PVC pipes is a great option for when you don’t want to manually water your plants.


Braided hoses

The more basic braided hose comes with at least 3 layers/plies, depending on the quality. Some of these hoses feature a mesh layer to prevent it from kinking but also making it stronger. The more layers, the better quality the hose!


Wire-reinforced hoses

The wire-reinforced hoses have an layer of wire mesh added to its construction, making it stronger and even more resistant to water pressure than the average hose. They usually come with 3 plies and because of the extra reinforced layer, the hose wont twist.


Expandable hoses

The expandable hoses have become very popular lately as they can expand up to three times its length with water pressure. When the pressure is turned off it shrinks back to its original size and will take up less space than a regular hose.


Buying the right hose diameter

Generally speaking, the smaller the hose diameter, the higher the water pressure. Meaning that a hose with the diameter of 15mm has a higher pressure than one with 19mm. When buying a shorter hose the diameter is usually 13-15mm and this is optimal for watering smaller areas and using it for smaller cleaning tasks. For any hose longer than 25m you would need a diameter of around 19mm. 


The longer the hose the higher waterflow needed but with a bigger diameter the water pressure will also be lower. The longer the hose the heavier and harder it will be to handle, it can therefore be recommended to pick a hose model with a hose cart that you can move around in your garden adjusting to the water source instead of buying a long and heavy one.


Couplings and nozzles

Couplings, also called fittings are the connecting pieces that attaches the hose to the faucet, but also with nozzles and attachments. They can be made from aluminum, plastic but also other metals like brass, which provides the best quality out of the three. The cheapest option is plastic and due to weather and usage, you might need to update it quite often. To explore all our options, visit the Hose Accessories page.


Be sure that all your couplings are of the same standard as there are different fittings on the market and they all don’t fit with each other. And importantly, make sure the couplings are lead free if you want to drink from the hose or give water to your pets!


Adding the right garden hose nozzle to your garden hose will turn it into a multifunctional tool for gardening but also for cleaning. Like couplings, the nozzles are made from plastic, metal or sometimes both. They allow you to turn the water on and off without touching the main faucet regulate the spray pressure and pattern.


How to choose the right hose reel


Wall-mounted reel

The wall-mounted reel is attached to the wall and is generally installed near to the water source to hang the hose when not in use.


Automatic reel

The automatic reel is a great option if you don’t want to spend time rolling up the hose after use. They usually come in a set, the reel and the hose but you can also find them sold separately.


Hose cart

The hose cart is a convenient and portable hose reel that can be moved from one water point to another depending on where you need to use it.


Lawn sprinklers

To increase the functionality and reach of your garden hose, you can add different kind of garden sprinklers to your lawn. These only requires a connection to the hose which means you don’t have to install a complex sprinkler system to water your lawn.