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Tacks: The Small but Mighty Fasteners for Your Projects

Tacks may be small, but their impact on various projects is anything but. These tiny fasteners are essential for tasks that require a less intrusive, yet secure hold. Kooyman offers a selection of tacks that are perfect for upholstery, crafts, and other delicate applications where larger fasteners would be unsuitable. Let's explore the world of tacks and their relationship with other fastening solutions.


While tacks are great for light-duty applications, Bolts are the go-to for heavy-duty fastening. Bolts provide a strong and durable hold for larger projects, such as building decks or assembling machinery. Kooyman provides a wide range of bolts to complement the use of tacks in your toolkit, ensuring you have the right fastener for the job.


Nails and tacks often go hand in hand in the fastening world. While tacks are ideal for securing lightweight materials with minimal damage, nails are better suited for construction projects that require a more robust hold. Kooyman's assortment includes various nails to cater to all your construction and repair needs.


Nuts are typically not used with tacks, but they are an essential part of the fastening equation when paired with bolts. They help to lock the bolt in place, providing a secure and stable joint. Kooyman's selection of nuts ensures that for every bolt, there is a corresponding nut to complete the fastening system.


Plugs are not typically associated with tacks, but they play a crucial role in fastening screws into hollow or brittle materials. Kooyman offers a variety of plugs to ensure that your screws have a firm anchor, providing a strong hold for whatever you're attaching.


Screws provide a more secure and removable solution compared to tacks. They are ideal for applications where you might need to disassemble or adjust the components later. Kooyman's extensive range of screws caters to all types of projects, ensuring a tight fit and a clean finish.