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Must have garden tools for successful gardening

Having a collection of essential garden tools can make your gardening both easy and more enjoyable! You need a combination of Hand Tools, long handle tools and mechanic tools to go perform the work around your garden and what exact tools will depends on the size of your garden. 

Having the right mix of garden tools available will help you with your gardening, making it more effective and with less hassle. We always recommend to wear special Gloves & Boots for your safety.
For you to have a good collection of tools, we have summarized a suggestion below:

Hand tools

The round point shovel

The round point shovel is what people usually consider a regular shover. It’s a great tool for digging and moving soil. The rounded point allows the shover to dig deep and with the rim on top of the blade, the user can put more power in the digging. 


The hand trowel

A hand trowel or garden trowel as it’s also referred to, is an essential tool for your gardening and it’s used for accurate digging in smaller areas. It’s also excellent for removing weeds around plants, planting and moving seedlings, scooping and moving soil.

If you are an active gardener, invest in a trowel made from stainless steel as they are durable and will last you longer.



The leaf rake

This rake is for collecting leaves and other debris in your garden. Available with plastic or metal heads which allows you to buy one that suits your needs. 


 The garden rake

This rake is slightly different than the leaf rake as it has smaller and stronger metal tines with which you can scratch and break up the soil. It can also be used to remove stones and rocks, leveling the surface of the soil. 


Pruning tools

The hand pruner

Hand pruners or secateurs as they are also referred to, offers excellent cutting assistance and is one of the first garden tools that should be added to your collection. They are used to prune  and cut thinner bushes and flowers and it’s an important process to maintain a plant’s health and shape. If you are looking to prune bigger bushes of plant, the looper tool is recommended.


The looper

The looper can be compared to a hand pruner but with a longer handle for better reach cutting power. This cutter can be used on thicker branches and hard to reach parts of bushes and plants. 


The leaf blower

If you are not a big fan of gardening but still want a clean garden, investing in a leaf blower is a good option! The leaf blower makes it easy collecting the leaves into a pile to be disposed of. 

 The leaf blowers come in different models and there are electric corded, cordless and gas blowers available. The electrical corded models are the lowest maintenance models and they are also lighter to carry. The downside is that you would need to have it connected to a power source when in use. 

The cordless or the battery powered blowers gives you better mobility but with the added weight of the rechargeable battery.

The gas blower provides the best mobility and runtime out of the three models. These models require the right fuel and engine oil to run properly and comes with more maintenance than the electric models.


The chainsaw

The chainsaw is a great and powerful tool with which you can save a lot of time and effort while working in the garden. They come in different sizes and capacities for you to choose between and the standard sized chain saw is used for cutting wood and felling larger trees. 

If you require better reach, you can opt in for the pole saw. This model has a smaller saw on top of a pole to saw branches that are out of reach. Some models even allows you to remove the saw from the pole and use it for lighter gardening work.

The chainsaw is available in electric and gas versions. The gas-powered chainsaw is the most powerful and can bring down larger trees easier with less wear on its chain. But like other gas-powered devices they also require more maintenance.

The electric chainsaw comes in corded, and battery powered models. Both providing less power and strength than the gas-powered chainsaw.


The Trimmer

Having a hedge trimmer available for your garden work will save hours of manual work as trimming trees and hedges is very time consuming. A good hedge trimmer makes the work efficient and you can choose between electric models and gas models.