ZINSSER 4428 Spackling and Patching Compound Off-White 1 Pint

100% of 100
Full bodied for heavy-duty interior or exterior repairs
Dries fast, cures rock hard, outperforms vinyl spackling
Sticks to metal - ideal for dents in metal doors and siding
Shrink-resistant - won't sag or crack like drywall mud
Can be painted when dry to the touch
1 hour dry to touch, 2 hrs dry to handle at 70 to 80 degrees F
Modified alkyd resin
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ZINSSER Ready Patch Spackling and patching compound is designed to combine the workability of spackling paste with the strength of plaster to provide long-lasting results. It is smooth, easy to apply and sand and very hard when cured.


More Information
Coverage13 ft\u00b2
Flash Point (degree celsius)94
Voc Content (gram per litre)156
Viscosity (centipoise)150000
Application MethodSpackling Knife
Package Size (pint)1
Package TypeCan
Temperature Range50 to 90 degrees F
Flammability Rating1


  1. 100
    Right product
    This product worked out fine on the walls and the patching was nicely applied for a smooth wall after painting!!
    I recommend this product
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