Zinsser 01501 Primer, White, 1 Gallon

Fast drying seals surfaces for painting in one hour
Won't raise the nap on new drywall
Water-based formula for easy cleanup
Sands easily, creates a smooth surface for painting
Sands easily - creates a smooth surface for painting
Contains Limestone, Titanium Dioxide, ethylene Glycol, Hydrous Magnesium Silicate
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For a basic primer on new drywall, choose Zinsser drywall primer. This value-brand primer seals tape joints and preps the surface for paint without raising the nap on new drywall.


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Specifications1.308 Relative
Coverage400 ft\u00b2
Flash Point (degree celsius)94
Specific Gravity1.244
Voc Content (gram per litre)95
Application MethodBrush, Roller, Spray
Application Temperature50 to 90 degrees F
Drying Time (minute)30
Flammability Rating1
Net Content (gallon)1
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