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Cabinet Hardware

Whether you are updating current cabinetry or installing new cabinets and decorative hardware, it is an easy way to create a new updated look. And with so many options and models available on the market, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to choose the right style to complement or enhance your home’s design. 

Cabinets provides your home with well needed storage and functionality. Choose between different styles, material and finishes to make sure that you add the right hardware, reflecting your home’s style and design.  

Cabinet pulls vs. knobs 

There are two primary type of cabinet hardware to choose between, cabinet pulls and cabinet knobs. When knowing the difference between the two, you can mix and match the hardware to create a personalized look. 

Cabinet Pulls

Also referred to as drawer pulls and handle pulls, the cabinet pulls are rod like designed hardware that is attached to the cabinet, usually by both ends. Many handle pulls usually come in the same style and finishes as knobs, to match the design. Installation requires precision but there is no standard in choosing size, so you are free to choose based on taste preferences.   

Cap Pulls 

The cap pulls or bin pulls, are a popular version of the cabinet pulls. Their design differs quite as one of its sides are covered, like a half circle, giving it a dome shape to open the cabinet with. With different shapes like oval, round and squared, they have become a decorative aspect for many cabinetry as it gives a more traditional and rustic look. 

Finger Pulls 

The finger pulls are slightly different than the other pull models as it is mounted in the top of the drawer or on the cabinet edge, falling over the side giving the user a grip to open the cabinet. With its modern and sleek design, it gives a minimal impact on the cabinet front, translating into a contemporary feel. 

Cabinet Knobs 

Cabinet knobs might be small but impactful. Requiring only one mounting screw, they come in a wide range of designs and sizes.  Depending on the design, it can create a rustic, contemporary and even artistic custom look.  


The backplate can be used for different purposes, hiding and old hole from a previous cabinet hardware but also protect the cabinet form dirt and oil that can easily be transferred from your hand. They can also become a design element, creating a new look for your cabinetry.  

Cabinet hardware styles

Every home has a certain style and this needs to be reflected and reinforced in the cabinet hardware. You can combine hardware based on the look that you are trying to achieve. The cabinet hardware is usually defined within the following categories: 

Rustic style

The rustic styled hardware is mostly used for homes that wants to create a farm-house, rustic vibe. With warm and inviting tones, simple hardware handles in copper, bronze or black finishes complements the cabinets perfectly together with rustic, worn details. 

Traditional  style

Traditionally designed hardware includes more elaborate decorations and detailing. Made from different materials such as porcelain, glass and even wood, they can be used to create a vintage look.  

Artistic style

If you have a more creative approach to your hardware selection, you have whimsical designs and intricately painted handles that can bring personality to the room. Custom hardware can also provide a fresh look to normally dull and boring furniture. You can even create the hardware yourself through molding or painting. 

Contemporary style

The contemporary designed hardware uses sleek, clean lines to create a minimalistic look with little to no embellishments to distract from the visual. This modern hardware goes very well with stainless steel appliances and accessories that can complement the modern look.  

Cabinet hardware materials

Depending on the style of the hardware, you might also have different materials to choose between. Normally cabinet hardware is made from metal but you have designs from plastic, wood, glass, stone and other elements or natural materials. You have options that have both metal and other components mixed, creating more captivating designs.   

Cabinet hardware finishes

The finish of the hardware can easily impact the look and feel. With options like brass, chrome, bronze, stainless steel, rose gold and nickel, you can decide to use one finish for all cabinetry or combine two depending on the style that you are going for.  

These finishes also come in matte, brushed, and polished options, making your decision even harder.

Comfort is important

In the end, cabinet hardware needs to be functional and you need to be comfortable with how it opens a door. You should therefore try before you buy! Check how the knob or pull feels in your hand before you decide to buy. You will be using them frequently and it could become a point of irritation if they don’t feel right!