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Fans to give you a cooling feel 

Having fans in your home could be a great solution to your cooling needs! Unlike the air conditioners, a fan doesn’t actually lower the temperature in a room, but the efficient airflow provides a sensation of cooling, and can therefore be used both inside your home or outside on your patio. 

Fans cool a room by circulating the air, giving you a cooling feel. They consist of a rotating construction of blades and a rotor, contained within a housing. You can adjust the housing to direct the airflow and the stronger the wind, the cooler the effect will be. 

Different models of fans: 

The pedestal or stand fan 

The stand fan is a larger powerful model that is placed on the floor. The housing is located on a pedestal/stand that keeps it elevated from the floor. This allows it to reach a wider range to spread the cool air, making them great for bigger rooms. Many models are adjustable, both the stand and the housing, giving them a great versatility and they can be adapted to your needs.  

The tower fan 

The tower fan is ideal for smaller spaces as they have a tall and tower shaped housing. They are a great option for families with younger children as the blades are hidden within the tower, making them very hard to access. They tend to be more quiet than others but compared to the pedestal and floor model, also not as powerful. 

The desk fan or table fan 

The desk or table fan as it’s also called, is perfect for your office or for where you want a lighter and not so far reaching cooling effect. Is a smaller version of the floor model and can be placed on furniture close to where you are sitting. Modern versions can be powered by USB but regular desk model have a electric cord.  

The ceiling fan 

The ceiling fan is like their name suggest, it's a model that is mounted in the ceiling in a room. Is very efficient and can cool an entire room. Providing a great option to the air conditioner. 

These models you can also place outside by a seating area where you want to have cooling airflow. With adjustable speeds and with a variety of finishes, the ceiling model is a great choice for when you want a powerful model that can be incorporated in the rooms design and won’t take up much space. 

The bladeless fan 

This new model is totally different from the original designs. As the name mentions, they don’t have any visible blades but the airflow is generated inside of the pedestal and moved up and out through a ring. These models are quiet and provides a consistent airflow. Some models have a dual hot/cooling feature that you can switch between and models that also functions as air purifies while moving the air. 

What to consider: 

The fan power

The size of the model and the speed setting, are the key factors that impacts how powerful the air flow is. And as mentioned earlier, a desk model has lower airflow and the pedestal or ceiling model have the highest! 

Buying a fan based on the room  

In general, a smaller model suits a smaller room and a bigger more powerful model a bigger one. So when buying a fan you can keep this in mind, or you can buy a model based on the most convenient model.  

A standing model suits well in a living room as it’s more compact and can be placed out of the way or a ceiling model that also doesn’t take up any floorspace. Desk models are optimal for the office and for the bedroom a pedestal model as you can adjust the height and angle to provide the perfect airflow. 

Depending on the location the fan is needed, you could opt in to buy one that is battery operated or even with a remote control. 

The fan’s noise level 

When buying a fan it’s important to consider the noise level as a loud desk model could impact your concentration while working or studying or your sleep. No matter what model you buy, they will always make some level of noise, but between the models it can differ quite some so it’s always wise to “try before you buy” to not be surprised by a loud fan when you get home!