FAQ – Kooyman HandyCrew Challenge 2024

Q: What is the Kooyman HandyCREW Challenge about?  
Kooyman has organized a DIY battle between the best DIY crews on the island. Selected contestants will take on tough DIY challenges in two rounds. Only 1 winning duo will claim the title of Best HandyCREW. 
Q: What are the requirements to participate in the HandyCREW Challenge?  
This contest is open to all persons who are age 18 and above. Via the campaign website www.kooymanbv.com people can register to participate in the Kooyman Handyman Challenge competition. 
Q: Can woman participate in the challenge?  
Yes, they can!   
Q: How will I know if I qualified for the first round?  
 After the registration period has elapsed, you will receive a call and email notifying you that you have been selected to participate in the first round.  
Q: Please tell me about the entry period?  
 The entry period differs by island. Please refer to your island overview page for sign up period details. 
Q: How many rounds are there during the contest period?  
 There are 2 rounds during the contest period.  
Q: How many participants qualify for each round?   
 On the islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - 5 HandyCrews will qualify for the first round. 3 HandyCrews will qualify for the final round. 
Q: Will Tools & Materials be provided?  
 In the first round you must use your own tools. However, as it pertains to materials, you will be presented with the opportunity to select and collect the necessary materials you will need to complete the assignment with a  maximum value of USD 350. 
All tools and materials will be provided for the obstacle course. 
Q: After entering, is it possible to cancel my entry and resubmit another work?  
 Yes, it is. During the entry period, you may cancel entries and resubmit  unlimited times. However, please be careful as cancellation or submissions cannot be accepted after the entry period has ended.  
Q: Please tell me the reasons for choosing the judges.  
 Judges are chosen with consideration to outstanding experience and knowledge in both building, design & construction.  
Q: How are results determined?  
For Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire competition results are determined in two parts.  
In the first-round competitors will submit their creation to be reviewed by a judging panel and to be photographed for an online public vote. The final judge's score will make up 70% of the final score. The online public vote will make up 30% of the score. The three crews with the highest scores will move on to the finals: the obstacle challenge. 
The obstacle course will be a challenge of speed and skill, the judging panel will assess the crew's skill and the speed at which participants complete the course will determine the winners. 
Q: Where and when is the final obstacle course held?  
 The date of the final round depends on your location. Please pay attention  to promotion from your local Kooyman store. The finalists will join us at  Kooyman to participate in the obstacle course. Our judges will determine  the winner by the end of that day. 
Q: When will results be available, and how will I know them?  
 Contestants will be contacted by phone and announced online. The final  winner will be notified at the end of the obstacle course event.  
Q: I want to know more details about why the winners were chosen to receive awards.  
 We cannot provide any further comment on the chosen winner other than  what is already provided on our website.  
Q: Can I receive a cash prize instead of the prize gift card?  
 No, you cannot receive cash in lieu of the prize items. 
Q: Where do I find out details on the winning project?  
 Once the winning Crew is declared, his or her name will be published on  the Kooyman website and social channels.