Sheltering in Place: Your Guide to Staying Safe

In emergencies, sometimes the safest action you can take is to stay indoors. Here's how to effectively shelter in place during various disasters, including hurricanes, which may threaten your area.

Be Informed:
Understand the different types of emergencies that could occur in your region. If a hurricane is imminent, local emergency management will advise on the safest locations to seek shelter. Navigate through the tabs below for guidelines.

        When instructed by local officials to "stay put," respond promptly:

  • Get inside: Gather your family, emergency supplies, and pets, and move indoors quickly.
  •  Find a safe spot: The ideal location depends on the specific emergency. Follow guidance from local authorities on where inside your building is safest.
  • Stay put: Remain in your safe spot until officials declare it safe to leave.

Once you're secured in your location:

  • Communicate: Inform your emergency contact of your situation, including the whereabouts of all family members and your condition.
  • Conserve your phone battery: Use your phone sparingly to keep lines open for emergency responders. Only use it for essential communications or to report severe emergencies.
  • Keep updated: Stay tuned to local news via radio, television, or your phone for the latest information and instructions. Do not leave your shelter unless it's absolutely necessary or until authorities say it's safe to do so.

Prepare for your pets' needs while sheltering:

  • Set up a sanitary area: Designate a place for your pets to relieve themselves indoors, equipped with plastic bags, newspapers, containers, and cleaning supplies.
  • Keep pets indoors: Ensure pets remain inside the shelter until it is safe to go outside again.

By following these guidelines, you can protect yourself and your loved ones during serious emergencies.  Always prioritize immediate safety based on the nature of the threat and adhere to the directives of local emergency services.