Copper-coated Grounding Rod 12.5 mm, 1.5 M

Easily connectable due to chamfered (pointed) end
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The only purpose of a ground rod or a group of ground rods forming a ground field is to have a designed electrical path to dissipate a static discharge voltage (which can be lightning or other forms of static electricity) to the earth. When you ground electricity you will be using a ground rod in most cases._x000D_ The principle of grounding is simple: it diverts an electric current which might escape from a device to a metallic conductor (cable) that ends with a stake (rod) buried in the ground.


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Length Metric (millimetre)1500
Diameter Metric (millimetre)12.5
StandardsNEN 1010
Finish Thickness256 m\u00b5 (micrometer)
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