Makita D-53724 Flap Disc 4-1/2 in. 40 Grit Zirconium Grain

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Part of the larger Z80 & Z120 Makita Flap Disc family, this Z40 Flap Disc is ideal for aggressive, fast stock removal. For a more balanced stock removal and finish, we recommend the Z80 while the Z120 provides the most refined finishing results. All of these Makita Flap Discs are constructed with Zirconia alumina (Z), which is ideal for Stainless Steel & Metal Applications, while working well with Non-Ferrous applications. Z40 Coarse Angled Flaps are ideal for Chamfering/Beveling & Weld Blending, allowing you to remove stock on flat or contoured, edge metal work surfaces at comfortable working angles. The Angled Design allows for 90% of the abrasive material to be in contact with work surface, yielding maximal grinding surface area for greater ease, effectiveness and speed. Makita uses Fiber Glass backing plates to help absorb vibration and are consumed during use without damaging the material. Specific suited applications include: Weld head blending, remove weld slag, deburring, edge blending, surface conditioning and metal fabrication.


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TypeFlap disc
Diameter Imperial4-1/2 in.
ModelAngled with depressed center / Type T29
Grit Size40
Arbor Imperial7/8 in.
Maximum Speed (revolutions per minute)13
Grain MaterialZirconium aluminum-oxide
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