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Secure Your Projects with High-Quality Anchors

When it comes to construction and home improvement, the integrity of your work often comes down to the smallest details. Anchors are essential components that ensure your structures, fixtures, and fittings remain securely in place. At Kooyman, we understand the importance of reliable fastening solutions, which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of anchors along with a full range of related fasteners.


Our Bolts are designed for robust fastening, suitable for a variety of materials including wood, metal, and concrete. Whether you're looking for carriage bolts, hex bolts, or lag bolts, we have the strength and size you need for a secure hold.



are critical for creating strong connections between two pieces of material. At Kooyman, you'll find a variety of joint fasteners, including corner braces and mending plates, to ensure stability and support in your construction projects.


From framing nails to finishing Nails, our selection covers every possible need. Our nails are made from high-quality materials, ensuring they drive in smoothly and hold firmly, whether you're working on a new build or a simple repair.


A nut is nothing without its bolt, and at Kooyman, we provide Nuts in all standard sizes and materials. Lock nuts, wing nuts, and hex nuts are all available to complement our extensive bolt range for a complete fastening solution.


Our Screws come in various types, including wood screws, sheet metal screws, and machine screws. With options for different head types and drives, you'll find the perfect screw for any application at Kooyman.

Specialty Fasteners:

For those unique projects that require something a bit different, our Specialty Fasteners have you covered. From concrete screws to toggle bolts, these specialized items provide the specific support needed for unconventional applications.


Washers help distribute the load of a screw or bolt, prevent damage to the surface, and reduce the chance of loosening over time. Our washers come in various shapes and sizes to match the fasteners you're using.