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Washers: The Unsung Heroes of Fastening and Protection

In the world of hardware and construction, washers might not get the spotlight, but they play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and longevity of fastened joints. At Kooyman, we offer a diverse range of washers designed to meet the needs of any project, whether it's a simple home repair or a complex construction job. Let's delve into the world of washers and explore their importance across various applications.

Picture Hanging:

When it comes to hanging pictures, the right washer can make a difference in providing a secure and level display. Washers help to distribute the load evenly, preventing damage to your walls and ensuring that your pictures stay in place. Kooyman offers specialized washers that work seamlessly with Picture hanging hardware for a flawless finish.


Plugs often require the use of washers to ensure a tight and secure fit when working with screws. Washers can prevent the screw head from sinking into soft materials or through oversized holes, providing a neat and clean appearance while adding stability to the mounted item.


Screws are commonly paired with washers to prevent pulling through materials and to distribute the pressure evenly. This not only strengthens the hold but also protects the material's surface from damage. Kooyman's selection includes washers that are compatible with a wide array of screw types for various applications.

Specialty Fasteners:

Specialty Fasteners often require specific types of washers that can handle unique stresses or fit design criteria. Whether you're working with heavy-duty machinery or delicate electronics, Kooyman has the specialty washers you need to ensure a secure and reliable fastening.


Washers serve as the backbone of many fastening systems, providing the necessary support to ensure that nuts and bolts stay tight. From flat and spring washers to locking and fender washers, Kooyman's extensive range has the perfect option for every requirement, ensuring that your connections are robust and long-lasting.

Miscellaneous Fasteners:

In addition to standard washers, there are Miscellaneous Fasteners that serve specific purposes. These can include snap rings, retaining rings, and spacer washers, each designed to fulfill a particular role in a fastening application. Kooyman's inventory includes these and other miscellaneous fasteners to complete your project with precision.