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Specialty Fasteners: Secure Your Projects with the Right Fixings

When it comes to construction, DIY projects, or home repairs, having the right fasteners can make all the difference. Specialty fasteners are designed to cater to specific needs and materials, ensuring that whatever you're building or fixing stays secure and durable. Let's explore the various types of specialty fasteners that Kooyman offers, ensuring you have the perfect fit for every task.


Anchors are essential for providing a strong hold in materials like concrete, brick, or drywall. They are designed to expand upon installation, creating a secure grip that can support significant weight. Whether you're mounting shelves or securing a frame to a wall, anchors ensure that your installations are steadfast.


Bolts are threaded fasteners that, when combined with nuts, provide a powerful union for joining materials. Available in various sizes and materials, bolts are the backbone of many construction projects. They are commonly used in furniture assembly, decking, and machinery.


Nails are the most traditional form of fasteners and are used in a wide range of applications. From framing to finishing, there's a nail for every purpose. Kooyman offers an extensive selection of nails, including common nails, finishing nails, and specialty nails for specific uses.


Securing the Bond Nuts are paired with bolts to create a secure fastening system. They come in various shapes and sizes to match the bolt they are intended for. Lock nuts, wing nuts, and hex nuts are just a few types that you'll find at Kooyman, each serving a unique purpose in fastening.

Picture Hanging:

Hanging pictures and artwork requires precision and care. Kooyman provides a variety of Picture hanging solutions, including hooks, wires, and mounting strips, to ensure that your memories and art are displayed securely and beautifully. Plugs: The Invisible Support Plugs, often used with screws, help to anchor fasteners in hollow or brittle materials. They provide the necessary grip to hold screws in place, ensuring that whatever you're attaching remains fixed and stable.


Screws are perhaps the most versatile fasteners, with a range of head types, lengths, and thread patterns to suit any task. Whether you need wood screws, machine screws, or drywall screws, Kooyman has the variety to meet your project requirements.