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Brads: The Versatile Fastener for Delicate Projects

Brads are slender nails with a small head, often used in finish carpentry. Their fine gauge makes them ideal for attaching lightweight trim or molding without splitting the wood. They are less visible than larger nails or screws, providing a cleaner look, which is why they are favored for detailed work.

Picture Hanging:

Picture hanging kits often include various types of hardware, including brads, to ensure that frames hang securely on the wall. While brads can be used for lightweight frames, heavier frames may require more robust fasteners from the kit, such as hooks or wire.


Tacks are another form of fastener, typically used for attaching materials temporarily. Unlike brads, tacks have a broad head and are easily removable, making them perfect for hanging posters or assembling temporary fabric coverings.

Miscellaneous Fasteners:

The category of Miscellaneous Fasteners encompasses a wide range of hardware, including nuts, bolts, screws, and anchors. Each type serves a specific purpose, from heavy-duty construction to delicate repairs. Brads would be included here as a specialized fastener for fine carpentry and trim work.


From Walls to Artwork Panels, whether used for wall construction or as decorative elements, require fasteners that can support their weight and size. Brads can be used for attaching lightweight decorative panels or panel molding, but larger panels may need more substantial fasteners.