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Choose the right interior paint like a pro

With a wide range of interior paint choices, Kooyman has got what you need for your painting project! A fresh coat of paint or a new wall color can transform any room and if you want to avoid “painters-remorse”, choosing the right paint is more than just picking the color (which can be hard enough).

There are a few factors you should consider before you buy your paint color. For example, most people don’t consider that the color could look different in separate rooms and throughout the day because of the difference in light. This means that instead of using color swatches, painting patches on the wall before deciding is the way to go!

A new wall color can give your home a needed update, but there is an ocean of color choices and color combinations, how do you pick the right one for your home?

In the end, you can always repaint if you at first pick the wrong color but if you want to have the job done right from the start and save yourself time and effort, we have put together a few tips for you on how to pick the right color:

Test samples straight on the wall

The most important advice we can give is to paint swatches right on the wall. This because on different textured surfaces the color will look different as they reflect light in a different way than a smooth surface. If your home has all smooth walls, you can paint the sample on a board and move it from room to room to see how it looks.

Check your samples throughout the day

As the light can change how a color looks it is recommended to not only paint the samples straight on the wall but also to observe it throughout the day. This because the light changes throughout the day and specially in the evening when you turn on your lamps. If you enjoy your color no matter the time of the day, you have a winner!

Select the right finish

There are two parts when deciding the right interior paint, first it’s the color and then it’s the finish. Normally, the higher the sheen the more easy-to-clean and durable the surface will be when painted.

Flat/Matte: non-reflective appearance with low sheen is ideal for low traffic areas such as bedrooms and ceilings, as it is harder to clean.

Eggshell: With a slight shine that can be cleaned easy, it is ideal for bedrooms, family rooms and hallways.

Satin: With its soft sheen, and easy to clean qualities it is suited for more high-traffic areas such as living room, hallways and kids’ bedrooms.

Semi-Gloss: A reflective but still soft sheen that has high endurance which can be used for high-moisture rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

High-Gloss: This shiny finish is suited best for doors and cabinets but also for details around the home, such as moldings and trims.

Calculate how much you need

To avoid running to the store in the middle of the project because you ran out, you should calculate how much would be needed for finishing your room. Use an interior paint calculator to get an estimate of how much you should buy.

Needing primer?

A primer can help with covering the original color more effectively but also to better adhere to the surface. Not all projects require the use of a primer but if you go from a dark to a light color or painting furniture and cabinets it would be recommended for a better result (and less work).

Invest in quality painting supplies

Using high quality painting supplies for your project can make the difference! By learning how to clean them properly you will save money and effort in the end and at the same time get a better result!

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TIP: For optimal color consistency don’t forget to stir before you start painting!