Competition Overview

Please make sure to check the tab for your island as dates and details may differ. 

Here's the blueprint for the competition. 
Step 1: 

HandyCrew teams of two register online and each submit an image or video highlighting a past project with a short description of their skill sets and what makes them a worthy Kooyman HandyCrew.

 This is your chance to promote your team's talents, so don't be shy! 

Kooyman judges will select 5 HandyCrew semi-finalists to move forward in the competition and show off their team's skills. 

The chosen finalists will have their team photos taken and their HandyCrew competitor pages will go live on  

Game on! 

Step 2: 

All selected Kooyman HandyCrew semi-finalists will then gear up and get briefed on their first task : The Playhouse Challenge!  

We're not playing around here. Each HandyCrew will have just one week to build a show stopping, jaw-dropping children's playhouse. 

  • The HandyCrew teams will need to showcase their proficient woodworking and seamless teamwork.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for those who go above and beyond and show a diversity of skills like painting and tiling, as well as creative design touches like lighting, doorbells, etc.  
  • Each HandyCrew completed playhouse will be judged by the elite Kooyman pro panel as well as get photographed and posted online for public voting. 
  • Kooyman will provide a voucher for the materials. It's up to the HandyCrew teams to build something spectacular. 
  • All the Children's Playhouses built during the Kooyman HandyCrew Challenge will be raffled off to a local community daycare. 


Step 3: 

Based on the results of the Playhouse Challenge judging and voting, 3 HandyCrew finalists from each island will move forward and take on the intense challenge #2:  
The Obstacle Course. 

  • This is where contestants prove that four hands are better than two.
  • The Obstacle Course will take place live and direct from the Kooyman car park where each HandyCrew will need to complete building and DIY tasks with speed and skill.
  • The Obstacle course will feature challenges ranging from electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting and more.

You gotta build it...on the double! The judging will happen on the same day and the 2024 Kooyman HandyCrew winner will be announced. 

Think you can measure up? Register now! 

Challenge 1: Upcycled Pallet Project (Completed)


  • To enter the competition, participants must submit a 30 sec video and /or pictures of an upcycled pallet project no later than May 7th  
  • Participants must complete this project with their own tools.   
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to secure necessary pallets to complete their project 
  • If necessary, each store can supply pallets to participants. Contact our service desk to pick up the pallets.  
  • Voting by a Kooyman Jury 



Challenge 2: Children's Bed


  • The semifinalists were asked to construct a second project within 10 days 
  • All participants received a Kooyman gift voucher to purchase the necessary materials 
  • All semifinalists visited Kooyman for pictures and videos for our online campaign and voting. 
  • Each project is subject to public voting online 


Challenge 3: to be announced 


  • Five* finalists will compete in a live event at Kooyman 
  • The final project will be communicated two days before the event 
  • Kooyman will provide all materials & tools   
  • Dates differ per island

(*Two finalists in Sint Maarten) 


Pa Papiamentu/Papiamento klek aki: HANDYMAN PAP


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