Policy Sponsoring & Donations

Kooyman believes it is important where possible to make a valuable contribution to the community, institutions and organizations with positive goals. We really appreciate your sponsorship request. 

Due to the high number of requests, we will only consider and evaluate requests that meet the following criteria. 

  • The request for a donation or sponsorship must relate to at least one and preferably two of the following areas and/ or projects: Youth & Education, Poverty Reduction, and Sustainability.
  • Kooyman will only sponsor teams, organizations or events. Sponsoring individuals is highly exceptional.
  • Kooyman supports local foundations, organizations and events and no individuals or international events or activities.
  • The sponsorship or donation must be aligned with the core values of Kooyman; honesty, integrity, accountability and team spirit
  • Kooyman prefers to sponsor or donate materials.
  • There must be at least 2 weeks waiting period between the time of application and the activity/ event.
  • The sponsorship application should specifically indicate what Kooyman will receive in exchange of the sponsoring.

For example:

  1. Exposure in the media
  2. Mentioning of the name/ Kooyman logo on website and/or flyers/ ads/ posters
  3. Name on TV and/ or radio
  • Organization’s articles of association and/or proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce need to be attached to the request for sponsoring or donation.
  • Kooyman reserves the right to review, if necessary, to make exceptions and in the company’s interests, to suspend or cancel the sponsorship at all times prior to the event. Requests for sponsoring and donations can be submitted via the website or via email to sponsorship@kooymanbv.com