Peel & Seal Aluminum Roofing Membrane 50018 18 in. w

For Roofing, Patching, Gutter Repair, Flashing and General Waterproofing
No torches, mops, glues or fasteners required
Designed to be left exposed to the elements
Maintenance free, tough, durable aluminum surface
Adhesive system will not dry out
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A single ply, one-step roofing membrane that can be left exposed to the elements. Silt sizes are ideal for roofing, patching, gutter repair, flashing and any hard-to-waterproof area. Composed of a laminate of reflective aluminum foil, rugged, cross-linked polymer films and a thick layer of rubberized asphalt. The asphalt adhesive aggressively adheres to most surfaces and self-seals around punctures to form a waterproof barrier. Requires no coatings or covering for exposure to sunlight and is flexible to conform to odd shapes.


More Information
FinishOne side Aluminum
Length Imperial33-1/2 ft
Width Imperial18 in.
Thickness Metric (mil)45
Coverage Area (square foot)50
Installation Temperature>55 degrees F
Tensile Strength (pound inch)32
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